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This website is designed to support the Honpa Hongwanji Hawaii Betsuin's

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 Adult Education Program of Honpa Hongwanji Hawaii Betsuin.

Click here to download Dharma Light's Summer 2011 Brochure and Registration Form.


Dharma Light Project Summer 2011 Courses:

The ABC’s of Buddhism 1: Introductory course – Instructor: UH Prof. Jay Sakashita
Tuesday & Thursday evenings, 4 classes, 7-8:15pm, May 10,12 at Hawaii Betsuin Annex HALL and May 17, 19 at the Buddhist Study Center.
Learn about the essential teachings of the Buddha and acquire basic knowledge and understanding of Buddhism from a University of Hawaii Religion Department faculty member. Become familiar with the major themes and kinds of Buddhism. This class assumes no background knowledge but all levels are welcome; in Buddhism we are always “beginners”!

The ABC’s of Buddhism 2: More basics – Instructor: UH Prof. Jay Sakashita
Tues & Thurs evenings, 6 classes, 7-9 pm, July 12,14,19,21,26,28 at the Buddhist Study Center.
Learn more about the essential teachings of the Buddha and build your basic knowledge and understanding of Buddhism. Traveling across time and space, learn of the diverse forms this tradition took when adjusting to different cultural contexts. No background knowledge needed.

The ABC’s of Buddhism 1: Introductory course – Instructor: Rev. Bert Sumikawa
Tuesday evening, 1 class, 6:30-9pm, June 7, Moiliili Temple, 902 University Avenue, Honolulu.
Learn about the essential teachings of the Buddha, identifying the problem and nature of being a human being, and the Way that leads from a life of self-centeredness and fear, to one of compassion, peace, acceptance and appreciation. This class assumes no background knowledge. This is a discussion driven course, so please bring your questions and reflections!

Christianity for Buddhists – Instructor: Chaplain Sherman Thompson
Mon & Wed evenings, 4 classes, 7-9pm, July 11,13,18, 20, Hawaii Betsuin Annex Temple.
In a predominantly Christian society, how do Buddhists deal with Christian beliefs? Learn about the basic teachings of Christianity and the various denominations of the Christian world. Explore the similarities and differences of these two world religions.

Shin Buddhism Practices and Rituals – Instructor: Rev. Ryoso Toshima
Wed evening, 2 classes, 6-7pm, May 11, 18, Hawaii Betsuin Main Temple.
Learn about all those questions you’ve wondered about but were afraid to ask. Rev. Toshima, the Head Minister of Hawaii Betsuin Buddhist Temple, will describe and explain the elements of Jodo Shinshu altars, Temple features, and discuss various service practices.

Shin Buddhism Seminar: Essentials of Jodo Shinshu, Instructor: Rev. Shigenori Makino
Tues evenings, 5 classes, Tues 7-9pm, June 28, July 5,12,19,26. Hawaii Betsuin Lounge.
Jodo Shinshu provides awareness, energy, and inspiration to live more meaningfully and vibrantly, regardless of what life brings to us. Find the relevancy of the wisdom of the Nembutsu in your daily life and a deeper understanding of yourself that brings insight and joy. Text references: “River of Fire, River of Water” by Taitetsu Unno, PhD and “Tannisho”.

Shin Buddhism: Way of True Entrusting Part 2 — Instructor: Rev. Richard Tennes
Monday evenings, 5 classes, 7-9pm, July 25-Aug 22, Hawaii Betsuin Annex Temple.
Continues classes introducing the Shin Buddhist teachings of Shinran through the lens of his writings and recorded words. Focus turns to the well-known and treasured text, “Tannisho”. Going even more deeply into the Buddhist vision Shinran outlined in “Shoshinge”, “Tannisho” presents us with enticing and challenging statements, which overturn our conventional attitudes and ways of thought. Recommended text: “Collected Works of Shinran”

Quiet sitting at Hawaii Betsuin
with Alan & Rosemary Goto
Wednesday Evenings, 7-8pm, Annex Temple

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Unhindered Light Web Site
Unhindered Light (mu-ge-ko 無碍光) refers to the limitless Wisdom and Compassion of Amida Buddha. Unlike our limited human knowledge and good intentions, which always have a degree of calculation and self-centeredness, the Buddha's wisdom and compassion are completely non-discriminating and—hence—cannot be obstructed by our lack of perfection, or by our evil actions. When we truly awaken to see ourselves as we are—beings with limited understanding and self-centered minds—we are made able to rely on the True Reality of Amida, the Compassionate Mind of the Buddha, manifested for us as the Nembutsu. We are then able to realize ourselves embraced by this transcendant compassion and wisdom, just as we are.

Ki-myo Jin-jip-po Mu-ge-ko Nyo-rai
(I Return to and Take Refuge in the Tathagata of Unhindered Light that Illuminates All Reality)

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